Unpaid Fares

Each year, the UK rail network carries 750 million passengers and earns over £3 billion from the sale of tickets. Even if only a small percentage of these passengers travel without paying, the rail network will lose a considerable amount of money. Reducing the number of people who travel without a ticket is not only in the interests of the operator, but also in the interests of most fare-paying passengers. Few of us want to pay more for our tickets because some people avoid paying, and the loss of income due to people travelling without tickets reduces the money available to invest in a better rail service.

The National Rail Condition of Travel (NRCoT) state that before you travel you must have a ticket or other authority to travel which is valid for the train(s) you intend to use and for the journey you intend to make. The NRCOT set out the rights and responsibilities of passengers and may be seen in full using this link http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/46427.aspx

If you travel in a train without a valid ticket, you will be liable to pay the full single fare or full return fare or, if appropriate, a Penalty Fare for your journey. You will not be entitled to any discounts or special terms unless there were no ticket purchasing facilities at the station where you started your journey.

Whilst you were not issued with a penalty fare, you have been issued with an unpaid fare notice when you travelled because you were unable to produce a valid ticket for inspection when requested. This has nothing to do with any intention you may have had and is not a fine. It is merely a notice to pay the amount due for the journey that you actually made when you could not present a valid ticket in accordance with The Regulation of Railways Act 1889 paragraph 5.1. (see document library for details) The NRCOT explains the validities of tickets and the passenger's rights with regard to refunds on any unused or invalid tickets.

Appeals against unpaid fares must be received by the relevant appeals body within 21days from the date on which the notice was issued. Appeals must be in writing sent to the appeals address shown on the front of the Unpaid Fares Notice, or online using this link. Any outstanding amount shown on the notice must be paid within the timescales and in accordance with the instructions on the notice. Making an appeal does not stop the debt recovery. You may look at the pages about payments and appeals for further information especially how to pay or appeal on line. 


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