Payment in full is due in accordance with the instructions printed on the front of the notice that you were given at the time of travel. This must specify the amount due, the date by which payment must be made, the methods available for payment and any contact details or addresses to which payments must be sent.

You can send payment by post to RPSS, PO Box 89, Portsmouth, PO1 1EG. Please include a copy of your notice with the payment slip completed or write full details on the back of any cheque. DO NOT send cash through the post.

You can make payment by credit or debit card by calling "The Payment Line" on 0871 559 2997. This number is available in office hours, 06:00-22:00 Mon-Fri and 10:00-18:00 Sats & Suns. All calls are recorded and cost 10p per minute from BT landlines. Calls from other services may be more. Average call time is 6 minutes. Please note, the agent will only be able to take payment for the full amount due, and is not able to answer general enquiries or take appeals. Matters other than full payment must be dealt with in writing.

On-line payments

You may use the link below to make payment on line by any credit or debit card. Please note that this cannot be used until we have received a copy of the notice from the Train Company and entered this into our database.

You will need your copy of the notice issued to you at the time you travelled to ensure you enter the correct details on the next page. If you do not have your copy please use an alternative payment method as shown above.

To make a payment on line:

1.  First select the Train Company who issued the notice. This is in bold type at the top of the notice.

2.  The notice type will populate with either "Penalty Fare" or "Unpaid Fare".

3.  Next enter the "notice prefix". This is ALL the "letters" shown before the numerical digits (bottom right corner of the notice - large bold type; examples are: ECM; B; SE; FCC; SR; TH; FG; LM; R; VT; WC; TPE; HT.

4.  Finally enter the notice number. This is made up of the digits next to the notice prefix at the bottom right of the notice in bold. Include any zeros.


Follow the above steps and if your notice has been received and entered on to the database, your notice details will be shown for you to confirm. If the confirmation screen does not appear please use an alternative payment method as shown above.

You must then enter your payee details - these must be the same as the name and address of the card holder (not necessarily the same as those on the notice). The amount to be paid will be automatically entered. You will then see the Barclaycard payment screen where you enter the card details. Follow the on screen instructions for Cardholder check, verified by visa etc depending on your card type.

You may get a message of PAYMENT STATUS - DECLINED. Pressing continue will return you to a "Payment Complete" screen in iris. The message will say "Your payment has not been authorised". Call your bank or start again with another card. 

You may get a message of PAYMENT STATUS - SUCCESS. You must still complete the payment by pressing the COMPLETE PAYMENT button. This will return you to the iris payment complete screen and the amount debited will be shown together with the message of PAYMENT STATUS - SUCCESS.

On the Barclaycard site you may get a message of PAYMENT STATUS - AUTHORISED. You will even get an authorisation number. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE. The bank has taken the money from the account ready for payment. But when you press the COMPLETE PAYMENT button the money will not be paid and the iris screen will show as PAYMENT STATUS - DECLINED. The details entered by you did not match the Bank records and the bank does not pay out the monies to safeguard against fraudulent transactions. Contact your bank and check the details with them. The monies taken from your account will normally be returned to you within 3 bank days.

How to avoid admin fees

You can only make payment on line by paying the full amount currently due as shown, including any administration fees. Unless and until your full payment has been received and cleared, the debt remains outstanding and administration fees can be added to cover the costs of any necessary debt recovery action.

Even if you have appealed, the debt recovery action will continue and administration fees become due if you do not pay the full amount owing within the time specified. If your appeal is successful, then a refund will be made of any fares amount overpaid.


Revenue Protection Support Services
P.O. Box 89, Portsmouth, PO1 1EG

Independent Penalty Fares Appeals Service
PO Box 30, Portsmouth PO1 1ER
Appeals can only be dealt with in writing or online

RPSS and IPFAS are trading names of Southeastern

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