Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I pay Online?

  • Click the Make a Payment button at the bottom of the payment page

Find Notice Section

  • Select the Train Company who issued the notice.  The name of the Train Company will be shown in bold type on the top of the Penalty Fare or Unpaid Fares Notice.
  • Enter the entire Penalty Fare Notice Number as it appears on the notice itself. (ie: all the letters and numbers including any zeros). If you get a message asking for a 6th digit, please add "0" after the letters at the beginning of the number on the notice. Please do not use the Letter Reference from any of our letters.

Confirm Notice Section

  • Your notice details will be shown for you to confirm
  • If your details are correct, click Yes under Was this your journey?
  • If the confirmation screen does not appear please use an alternative payment method as shown on your notice, or call our Payment Line on 0871 559 2997.

Payee Address Details Section

  • Enter the address your card is registered to
  • Click Next

Payment Details Section

  • The first line will show the total you need to pay
  • Check all details are correct (including who and where the card you are paying with is registered to)
  • Click Next

Barclaycard Payment Screen

  • The Barclaycard payment screen will load. Enter your card details and follow the on-screen instructions for Cardholder check, verified by visa etc depending on your card type
  • Ensure you press Complete Payment at the end of the transaction, which will return you to our website

Payment Statuses after completing the Barclaycard information

Pressing continue will return you to a "Payment Complete" screen in iris. The message will say "Your payment has not been authorised". Call your bank or start again with another card. 

You must still complete the payment by pressing the COMPLETE PAYMENT button. This will return you to the iris payment complete screen and the amount debited will be shown together with the message of PAYMENT STATUS - SUCCESS.

You will even get an authorisation number. 
THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE. The bank has taken the money from the account ready for payment. But when you press the COMPLETE PAYMENT button the money will not be paid and the iris screen will show as PAYMENT STATUS - DECLINED. The details entered by you did not match the Bank records and the bank does not pay out the monies to safeguard against fraudulent transactions. Contact your bank and check the details with them. The monies taken from your account will normally be returned to you within 3 bank days.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. Payments can be made by post to RPSS, online, or by telephone. See the payments page and above.

Q. How do I make an appeal?

A. Appeals can be made by sending a written statement to PSL for a Penalty Fare appeal and RPSS for an Unpaid Fares Notice appeal (check our appeals page for more information). Follow the instructions shown on the front of the notice.

Q. I did not travel

A. If you have received a letter about an incident of which you know nothing, AND THE LETTER IS ADDRESSED TO YOU, then you must provide a written explanation, with evidence that it was not you who was stopped by a railway officer to the address at the top of the letter you received. Please quote the reference number in all communications.

Q. I have received correspondence at my address but the person does not live here

A. If you have received a letter at your address, and the person named on the letter does not live at your address, then DO NOT OPEN THE LETTER. It is not addressed to you and you break the law if you open someone else's mail. You must return it to the post office by writing on the envelope "not at this address" and putting it unopened in any post box (No stamp required).

Q. I did not get a copy of the notice

A. You may not have been issued with a Penalty Fare or Unpaid Fare notice. Train Companies operate a variety of other enforcement methods to report and deal with fare evasion.

Q. I have appealed but I have not received a response

A. Appeals can take about 2 weeks to investigate and respond, if all the information is readily available. PSL may write (or email) to you to ask for further details, or they will send a letter reply to you at the address you gave with your appeal, but only when the appeal decision has been reached. You can check the status of your appeal at any time on PSL's website:

Q. I have got a letter increasing the charges

A. The payment of any amount outstanding as shown to be due on the notice is entirely separate to any appeal. If payment has not been received by RPSS, then debt recovery letters are sent to the person named on the notice at the address shown on the notice and these will incur additional charges as notified.

Q. Where can I find out about the Train Company revenue protection policy

A. Each Train Company publishes their Revenue Protection Policy on their own website. You can use this link to select the Train Company with which you travelled. Then navigate to their own web site and search for "revenue protection" to show their policy.

Q. I want to make a further complaint

A. Transport Focus and London Travel Watch may be able to offer you further advice and support. Extracts of the legislation can be viewed from our documents page.


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